How to Color Your Cement

So, you have decided to improve the value of your home and the aesthetics of its appeal by coloring and sealing your cement. At Specialty Coatings Plus, we are happy to help you achieve this fantastic goal! We have over 75 years experience helping our customers in the Puget Sound area put quality into their house and home. Whether your goal is to protect your cement from the elements, or make a patio that is as inviting as your hospitality, we hope that you will consider chatting with one of us! If you are ready to start the process, simply go to our website or give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

Coloring the Cement

If you are just starting to pour your cement, it is a great time to consider utilizing decorative colors. The two easiest ways to color your cement are to mix the color right into the cement mixer before pouring, or to brush the color powder onto the cement after it has been poured evenly. If you opt for the first option, you can vary how much color powder to mix in depending on the shade you want to obtain. We encourage you to chat with the professionals at Specialty Coatings Plus to get an accurate estimate on how many bags of color powder it will take to achieve your desired color.

If you decide to pour the concrete prior to coloring, you will want to spread the color powder evenly over the wet surface. Try hard to avoid clumping of the powder, or else you will have some unattractive spotting in your cement. You can use a deck brush to spread it evenly. Again, you can vary how much or how little you use depending on the shade you want. On average, you’ll probably use about 2 pounds of powder per square foot of cement surface. After the powder has been spread evenly, let it sit for at least 24 hours. After the waiting period is over, use a hose to wash off the cement and any excess powder. It is then incredibly important to apply a sealant.

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