Concrete Microtopping Products and Systems

Concrete microtopping products and systems make for excellent options when trying to revive old, worn concrete or when attempting to give a dated space a new look. And Coatings Plus – Tukwila, Washington’s source for all things specialty coatings – makes for a great place to find the concrete microtopping products or systems you’re looking for.

Coatings Plus has been providing stellar customer service and vast inventory of effective, price-competitive products to builders and projects throughout the Puget Sound region for years.

Concrete mircotopping products and systems work great to resurface or refurbish worn concrete walls and floors, allowing anyone to breath new life into a space by creating an easy, time-and-money-saving, fresher look. Concrete microtopping products and systems also work as lower-impact alternatives to acid stains for concrete with sub-par surfaces. Concrete microtopping products and systems are easy to apply and use, and are very effective.

To see what a concrete microtopping product or system can do for your project visit with the professionals at Coatings Plus.
Why Buy From Coatings Plus?

Thanks to the wide variety of services, products, and tools always available at the Tukwila location, Coatings Plus is the Puget Sound region’s most popular choice for purchasing concrete microtopping products and systems. Coatings Plus and its team of knowledgeable, helpful employees have earned a reputation for finding customers the right product the first time, making concrete microtopping as easy and cost effective as it should be.

Here are a few other reasons to make Coatings Plus your next stop for concrete microtopping products and systems:

Huge Selection of Microtopping Products. Coatings Plus takes great pride in being able to offer an extensive inventory of concrete microtopping products and systems. Coatings Plus also has a large inventory of the tools needed to make any job fly by. Coatings Plus is one-stop shopping for all things specialty coating. While you look around the website, don’t forget to download the current complete product sheet to see the full extent of what Coatings Plus has to offer.
The People. Coatings Plus is the local expert when it comes to concrete mircotopping products and systems. The knowledgeable, dedicated, can-do professionals employed at Coatings Plus have a combined 75-plus years of experience helping customers throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the country. The sales team at Coatings Plus is quick, efficient, courteous, and willing to put in the extra effort to find the right product for every project. Click, call or stop in and see what they can do for your endeavor.
Value-Added Services. On top of stocking a vast selection of concrete microtopping products and systems, Coatings Plus also offers tools, warehouse facilities, and distribution services to its customers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Coatings Plus aims to offer customers a complete complement of services, from warehousing, packaging and trucking to temporary staffing and freight management. Come and see how Coatings Plus can make your project easier today.