Tufflex Colors & Finishes

A variety of colors and
finishes are available for any outdoor landscape or indoor decor.

Standard System includes
silicate sand mixed with the color-top to improve traction, reducing
slips and falls.

When viewing online actual colors may differ
slightly due to individual monitors and settings.

For more information call us
at (425) 255-3555

Color Coat Finishes

Sidewalk GreyTufflex Standard Color Sidewalk Grey Rocky Grey
Tufflex Standard Color Rocky Grey
Monterey Sand
Tufflex Standard Color Monterey Sand
Ash Brown
Tufflex Standard Color Ash Brown
Pacific Grey
Tufflex Standard Color Pacific Gray
Desert Tan
Tufflex Standard Color Desert Tan
Tufflex Standard Color White
Tufflex Standard Transparent Color

Textured Stone Colors

GreyTufflex Textured Stone Color Grey TanTufflex Textured Stone Color Tan BrownTufflex Textured Stone Color Brown